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The Hex

by Crystal Rae 8 months ago in fact or fiction
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Paradise in the Sunshine State

The Hex
Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

The miles she would travel from state to state

All for a new life and she couldn't wait

What would she see, what would she do

Whatever it was, she knew it would all be brand new

No past rumors or a life fueled by lies

None of that no longer mattered with this new life

All of that past bs instantly dies

The sky was so blue and the air was so clear

Her only unexpected was with whom she hadn't seen in over a year

Always best of friends and easy to get along with

That part she knew would be a breeze

Being near him was always something of ease

Unable to determine what kept her longing for her ex

Was it a potion, a spell, or even a hex?

Whatever it may be... it consumed everything in the now

She could see him in the darkness, just up ahead...

She felt excited, speechless... wow... every emotion but dread

So much for her had really changed but for now...

Her tired mind really just needed to get some rest

For whatever this next chapter was called...

She knew it was about to be her best!

fact or fiction

About the author

Crystal Rae

My passion is writing ~ My dream is to be a best-selling author.

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