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The girl with the multicolored eye

by Grace Linn 3 months ago in nature poetry

A poem on heterochromia

You may not have met

As interesting folk as I

It’s quite a rare characteristic

Having a multicolored left eye

It boasts two colors

Divided equally in two

The one side is hazel

And the other is blue

Oh the first half of my left eye

A crystal shade of blue

As intense as an ocean

What a marvelous hue

If you looked into my eyes

Perhaps you would fall in love too

The second half of my eye

Is the color of hazel

The bark of a tree

But who in my family could have given this to me?

Where did it come from? I plea

My mother’s eyes

Are the same crystal blue

When I realized my father’s

Were of a hazel hue

Hazel and blue

What a stunning creation

I was fortunate to be blessed

With such a beautiful mutation

Could you imagine it?

My iris painted like a classic Monet?

Half blue like the sky

On a warm summer’s day

The other half hazel

Like a handcrafted table

The color of wood

On an old-fashioned stable

Take a look into my eyes

And we’ll turn into

A classic romantic fable

But you may be wondering

As did I

How did I acquire

Such an interesting eye?

Well you’ve come to the right place

Sit down and listen to the tale

That I will tell you

Of how my left eye

Turned half hazel, half blue

It is quite uncommon

This unique creation

For it only occurs

In less than one percent

Of the human population

My left peeper was not always this way

It was blue when I was a kid

But as I progressed through my younger years

Something mysterious happened, oh yes it did

Little by little

The color hazel snuck in

It began its takeover

And ceased when I turned 10

At first I was frightened

Was this a disease?

And so to the eye doctor I went

Who provided me some relief

I was told it was not harmful

And not to worry

But my mind grew curious

And years later I made a query

To the internet I went

In search of my question to be answered

What could it be?

What is my condition?

I pondered

The name appeared before me

Wanting to learn, I read

Diving further into the web

Scrolling down it said


What a fascinating word

With a sexy definition

A multicolored eye

An eye with some fashion

It divides perfectly into two

The one half hazel

The other half blue

Reading onward

I noticed that famous celebrities

Had these unique eyes too

Mila Kunis

Benedict Cumberbatch

Demi Moore

Just to name a few

The same resources also told me

There could be some reasons

The left half of your eye

Is the shade of a tree

As an infant

Some concern could be raised

But fear not

For more than likely

There is no need to be phased

Heterochromia is mostly benign

But other telling factors

Could perhaps be a sign

In order to know for sure

Go to the doctor’s office

Step in line

Unless there are other physical symptoms

You need not be concerned

Go home and rest now

Some relief has been earned

My colorful appendage

Has earned the gaze

It’s drawn me attention

And caused people to be amazed

I smile back at them

For I proudly flaunt my unique trait

If you have multicolored eyes

You too could relate

For the eyes are the window

To the very center of my soul

And for a gal with heterochromia

You will be pulled into my eyes

Just like a black hole

For if you see my face

You will be mesmerized too

And you will be happy to know the girl

Who’s left is half hazel half blue

nature poetry
Grace Linn
Grace Linn
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