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By: Mahenow

By M PervezPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Unlike every other fairy tale that starts with once upon a time

She gets started with an alarm clock that rings precisely at nine

She gets out of bed, pulls back the window blind

Sunshine pouring in, she is ready for the grind.

Singing along to the morning chaos, a cup of coffee in her hand

She walks out the door, gets lost in world she cannot understand.

She walks down the street, seas the children play something new.

And reminiscent the time when she was once just like them too.

She takes the train to work, yearning to run back home.

A long boring day starts, that she will end tired and alone.

But as the clock strikes five, she rushes back home.

Excited for the new words that she is soon about to roam.

She comes inside on her recliner she falls.

"It's finally the weekend!", she tells the walls.

She lights up the candles, walks towards the shelf.

Gently caresses the spines, smiling brightly to herself.

A moving castle, the wicked witch of the East

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or beauty and the Beast

So much to choose from, so many places to go

The more she thinks every time, the harder it becomes to know.

She takes a deep breath and finally picks up crown.

With a cup of hot chocolate on her left, she slowly sits back down.

Opening the cover feels like unlocking a door.

The outside is just a façade, inside there is so much more.

A charming green-eyed prince, a centuries-old unbreakable curse

A lost warship in space, a murder witnessed by nurse.

Page after page, book after book, adventures, and journeys advance

Abruptly an irritating sound breaks her hypnotic trance.

Out of breath, at the strange quirk,

She sees the clock, its time for work.

Outside the window, the world is sleeping sound.

Rosy pink twilight blooming, the chirping birds flying around.

In the morning breeze, the little bells chime

She knows she is the girl who leaped through time.

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