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The Girl of Yellow

by Imogen Ray 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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Daisy Ray

The Girl of Yellow
Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

When you choose to walk the path of blackness,

The one filled with cries and tears,

The one shrouded in gloom,

As you walk the narrow path of loneliness and fear,

Keep your eyes forward.

In the distance, if you look hard enough,

Is a girl.

A girl who brings light to the dark path.

A girl with a butter-yellow glow about her.

Skipping into the distance is a girl with hair the color of the sun and a smile as white as the clouds.


And you just might hear pure, bubbling laughter coming from a girl clad in yellow.

Sniff the air,

And you will smell the faintest whisper of fresh baked cookies that follows the girl made of sunshine.

Follow her path,

Follow her sun,

And you too can indulge in her glow.

surreal poetry

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Imogen Ray

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