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"The Fluttering Dance of the Butterfly".

"An Ode to the Natural Beauty and Grace of the Butterfly".

By PayalPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
"The Fluttering Dance of the Butterfly".
Photo by Calvin Mano on Unsplash

A butterfly flutters in the air,

Its wings a canvas, bright and fair,

A delicate dance, it does perform,

A sight to see, a natural charm.

The colors on its wings, so bright,

A joy to behold, a stunning sight,

From red to blue, from pink to green,

A rainbow in motion, a sight unseen.

Its wings flap with rhythmic grace,

A symphony in motion, a poetic chase,

A fluttering dance, a melody true,

An ode to nature, a beauty anew.

As it lands on a flower, oh so light,

It spreads its wings, a wondrous sight,

The petals caress its wings, so fine,

A union of nature, a moment divine.

Oh, butterfly, how you inspire,

In your flutter, we see nature's fire,

A beauty so rare, a wonder so true,

A gift of nature, a dream come due.

So let us cherish this sight so rare,

This dance of nature, beyond compare,

And let the butterfly's flight take flight,

A symbol of beauty, a symbol of light.

nature poetry

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