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The Duchess

Of nonsense

By Amanda McGuirePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Duchess
Photo by The Cleveland Museum of Art on Unsplash

She lounged in the warm water.

The bubbles created a blanket over her skin.

Soft French music drifting through the air.

Breathing deeply to find peace as she soaked.

She found herself as she most often did thinking of him.

Wondering if his thoughts found their way to her too.

A smile playing at her lips as she thought of things he had said. Silly things to make her laugh. Lovely words to make her feel pretty. Carnal thoughts that made her blush.

As she wiped the bubbles slowly from her skin, she longed for his touch.

With such happy thoughts there in the comfort of the water, her worries faded to the background, as if on mute.

Still there but not currently plaguing her.

How rare to meet a soul that sparks our own. One who could calm the darkness and bring forth the light.

Most wanted to be treated like a princess, others a queen. She certainly didn’t fit the mold, nor feel like goddess.

Yet what some would call pure nonsense… she longed to be his duchess.

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About the Creator

Amanda McGuire

Just a girl writing for fun… With a passion for helping others and striving to always be my most authentic self.

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