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The Dreamers Door

by Unknown 5 years ago in nature poetry
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A Poem

She drank from the ocean and unwound her ties

Escaping the darkness, secrets and lies

She danced along the shore and swam across the sea

No longer being held down, she was wild and free

A friend to the earth and keeper of the land

She lay on the beach, with her feet curled-up in the sand

Sleeping under the stars, with the moon on her side

The sun blew her kisses, as she bid each day a goodbye

Breathing in waves of salty ocean air

She threw caution aside, with the wind in her hair

Loosing her inhibitions, she got swept away in a breeze

Drowning in the curiosity of the ocean’s depth and mystery

© Jacquelyn Miccolis

nature poetry

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Freelance Writer ✒️ | Aq

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