The Door

by n vash 2 years ago in social commentary

That's the thing about people like us.

The Door

That’s the thing about people like us.

We’ll move mountains for the people we care about.

We’ll stay up late to put a smile on their face when they’re hurting.

We’ll hold their hair back while they puke and tell them it’s going to be okay.

We’ll cancel plans to drive them to their doctors appointments

We'll make them food because we don’t want them to be hungry.

We’ll ask them about their fears, their dreams, and everything in between that lights a fire in their eyes.

We’ll ask them about their day because we truly hope it was filled with happiness

but sometimes things change.

The people we thought were forever grow cold.

Just remember this:

If someone treats you like a backup plan

If someone isn’t watering the delicate seeds scattered within you

If someone turns to you only when it’s convenient for them

If someone shames you for chasing what you love

don’t beg them to stay.

Smile and show them the door.

There are no hard feelings,

just a realization

that you don’t need them anymore.

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