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The Dirt and Grime on the Big Apple


By Steve B HowardPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Dirt and Grime on the Big Apple
Photo by Dylan Freedom on Unsplash

NYC in the 70’s. What a time it must

have been. Warhol, Steely Dan, CBGB’s

the bohemian mixed with the bourgeoisie.

Enough money to rent a Leer jet on the

weekend, but you take the subway to

your loft in Queens to keep your edge.

Beat back the Coke shakes with Ludes and

snorted Smack. Then stand up at Carolines,

steak at Sparks, and late night Jazz at Birdland

before the taxis arrive with the sunrise.

A hundred dollar bill to the mugger to avoid

the .38 plug to the ribs. Then Son of Sam shoots out your

side window.

“Fuck it,” you think.

“I’ll be dead before Carter’s out of office anyway.”


About the Creator

Steve B Howard

Steve Howard's self-published collection of short stories Satori in the Slip Stream, Something Gaijin This Way Comes, and others were released in 2018. His poetry collection Diet of a Piss Poor Poet was released in 2019.

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