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The Colors I leave behind

by Naomi Garcia 7 months ago in inspirational

Written by: Naomi G.

Do not judge me by the Brown color of my skin.

Instead, define me by the color of my character within.


Do not define me by my Brown hair or the darkness of my eyes.

Define me by the colors I leave behind after my demise.


Did I make you sad and Blue at one point?

What about my Purple Aura while I lit my joint?


Maybe it was Red due to anger and frustration,

or Yellow while in my sincerest and purest forms of my creation.


Was it Green due to my determination, and hustle?

Or was it Orange because I was as complicated as a puzzle?


Whatever colors I may leave behind,

Define me by those, and the inner works of my beautiful mind.


Naomi Garcia

Music Loving, Poet & Writer.

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Naomi Garcia
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