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Written by Naomi G.

By Naomi GarciaPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

She was beautiful, strong, head held high,

Confident, ambitious, that no one could deny.

Her struggles became her motivation,

Her children her determination.

Met so many faces,

she was on the verge of going places.

Then he came back into her life after so many years.

Made it seem like he was all she needed, taking away those lonely fears.

Took her from her family and friends,

Promises of happiness, yet made all her dreams come to an end.

One day she looked in the mirror no longer recognizing who she was,

Questioning what happened, and how to get away to eliminate the cause.

Now she is shattered, broken, full of dispair,

Breathless, crying, gasping for air.

This weight on her shoulders is too much to bear,

Needing understanding and just someone to lend and ear.

~Naomi G.~


About the Creator

Naomi Garcia

Music Loving, Poet & Writer.

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    Naomi GarciaWritten by Naomi Garcia

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