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The Candle Within Four Glass Walls

Loneliness is loneliness, and cruelty is cruelty

By Lily💜 Published 22 days ago 1 min read

I am the candle within the four glass walls,

Flickering softly as the silent night falls.

Loneliness is loneliness, a friend I know well,

A companion in silence, where shadows dwell.

Encased in my prison, the world out of reach,

Cruelty is cruelty, a harsh lesson to teach.

The glass is a barrier, both fragile and strong,

Keeping me safe, yet where do I belong?

The flame dances lightly, a solitary glow,

A beacon of warmth in a world cold as snow.

Loneliness whispers, a soft, haunting tone,

Cruelty echoes, a harshness unknown.

I burn with a purpose, a light in the dark,

A symbol of hope, a small, glowing spark.

Yet trapped in my confines, I long to be free,

To share my light with the world, to truly be me.

Loneliness is loneliness, an empty embrace,

Cruelty is cruelty, a stark, bitter taste.

But within these walls, my light still shines bright,

A testament to strength, a beacon of light.

I am the candle within the four glass walls,

Flickering softly as the silent night falls.

In loneliness and cruelty, I find my way,

Burning ever brighter, night after day.

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Comments (1)

  • Esala Gunathilake22 days ago

    "Flickering softly as the silent night falls" that is an amazing line!

Lily💜 Written by Lily💜

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