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The Burden of Not Being Yourself

never has a story

By Emil indwPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
The Burden of Not Being Yourself
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The flow of life brings all kinds of disasters

Lifestyle with a thousand faces has come

Having nothing in common breeds trouble

Being yourself is a real disgrace

Not the same is not slang

Not changing is not mature

Not talked about does not exist

Not following has no taste

The self is lost in the trend virus

Real change drives away comfort

Many masks for every different thing

A sense of distrust in oneself pervades

The end of the story for the persecutor of identity is the emptiness of the soul

The more awareness comes the more there is no story

The old self that has been hiding has been dying for a long time

How can you be identical, if your true self has been in a coma for so long?

Awakening the comatose self

Removing the mask is the first step

Being alone to know yourself

Being yourself is the cure of everything

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About the Creator

Emil indw

I always use the people around me as inspiration in my writing. They will be special people if you know how to write about them.

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  • Novel Allen15 days ago

    This is so true for many of us, finding our true identity in the crush of life is so very hard. The last line is so true...Being yourself is truly the cure, no one needs to be like anyone else.

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