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The blessing of forgetfulness


By HessaH SaadPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

‏ the realm of hearts, there lies a gift divine,

‏A treasure bestowed, fading memories align.

‏It's the blessing of forgetfulness, a solace so sweet,

‏Where sorrows dissolve, leaving souls complete.

‏Oh, forgetfulness, how gently you embrace,

‏Ensnaring painful pasts, leaving no trace.

‏Through the tapestry of time, you softly weave,

‏Erasing the hurt, allowing hearts to believe.

‏When laden with burdens too heavy to bear,

‏You offer relief, like a tender whisper in the air.

‏With kindness, you caress the wounds of the past,

‏Releasing the anguish that held us so fast.

‏A lover's betrayal, a friendship that's lost,

‏No longer entangled, those chains have been tossed.

‏The weight of regret, now released and untied,

‏As you unlock the shackles that had us denied.

‏Those moments of darkness, once weighing us down,

‏Now vanish like dew on the grass at dawn.

‏You bless us with freedom from regret's grasp,

‏As we journey through life, on a newfound path.

‏In your gentle embrace, forgiveness we find,

‏The power to heal, to mend what was unkind.

‏Forgetting those battles that tarnish the soul,

‏We rediscover ourselves, once broken, now whole.

‏Oh, forgetfulness, guardian of solace and peace,

‏Granting us respite, where anguish finds release.

‏With you by our side, we learn to let go,

‏And in the unfolding moments, we begin to grow.

‏So, let us celebrate this blessing so rare,

‏For in forgetting, we find the strength to repair.

‏With every faded memory, a brighter future awaits,

‏As we embrace the gift of forgetfulness, our souls rejuvenate.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Great poem!

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