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By HessaH SaadPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

‏I was asking him where he was about my

‏I hugged my wound and fell asleep on it

‏I thought I was a lover and that I was a friend I found cursed you did my past

‏I am a twig withered over the years

‏I am full of fear and nostalgia

‏I am desperate in this world over theI am good with the cruel and God h I am half naughty and half sad

‏I am the one who died for me, I was happy for years

‏And she asks who am II honor myself and must be absentThis is me, in short, living alone

sad poetry

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  • The Dani Writer7 months ago

    This comes from such a deep place. Out of so many poems, the first line drew me in. Kept me reading even things I didn't understand...but want to. Urges within me to take the title and paint it a kaleidoscope masterpiece so the world can really see what gift is truly here.

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