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The Black

by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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You ugly thing...

Disgusting creature smearing black ash and tainting what you touch

You're nothing but a mass of black sludge

Spitting your disgusting chemical into people's food in passing

Ruining good things to entertain yourself

No one will love you

No one cares about your existence

You're nothing but a waste

A silly boy

A little golem reaching for precious hopes

You never realized how awful wishful thinking was

I almost feel bad for you...

You've become too gnarled though,

So I know my pity would be wasted.

Do the population a favor and die, you miserable creature

You're just a deity's blink

To be shut away in a disappointment room with the other disfigured children...

Waiting your turn to kill yourself.

End everything you were and would be.

You don't matter outside of your wretchedness

You're just a source of darkness and you won't be missed

And no one would ever care to take you down from the rafters in an abandoned church,

So stop being and just hang...

I'll tie your knot myself.

surreal poetry

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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