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The beginning of a Primary love

by Sofia Duarte 2 years ago in inspirational updated about a year ago
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My Secondary love is you, poetry

The beginning of a Primary love
Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Read carefully my words.

Ears are two

Don't talk more than you could hear.

Yes. I am your inner voice!

E.T. is not my name!

Listen carefully inside yourself,

Lower your eyes and search for the inner truth.

Others mind find you crazy

When you smile, when you like yourself.

Bad things happen all the time.

Live face up!

Unruly the mean thoughts!

Ever lose yourself because of them!

Oh, what is that?

Real good feelings. Keep it in a little corner of your soul...

Accomplish your dreams.

Never forget to find your inner voice.

Guard it down...

Empower it!

Genius is found within, not born.

Regardless of time, or place.

Enlace your freedom inward your reach!

Ever forget the darkness,

No colors there can be found!

Vibrate with your earnings. Big or small.

I can say to you that life is eternal.

Others can pronounce you dead but

Love can set you free

Every time someone smiles, remembering you.

Taste your life like it is your last meal. Fully, truly and deeply.

I hope you liked this poem. You can check more poetry or stories on my profile or in the table below.


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