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The Beauty of Impermanence

- From Dew to Gentle Wind

By Dawnxisoul393artPublished about a month ago 1 min read

I am not the tears of the clouds

Nor am I the bright

Twinkling stars

I am a drop of pure

Crystalline dew

Formed in the quiet hours

Before the dawn's first bars


Early in the morning

When the sun is charming

Coaxing the earth to awaken

From slumber's embrace

I will shimmer, a fleeting

Ethereal being

Awaiting my transformation

My moment in this place


For I am not destined to linger

To cling to the leaf

Nor to adorn the petals

With my delicate sheen

No, my purpose is to rise

To ascend, to sublimate

Into a gentler form

A breath unseen


I will become a moment

A fleeting, ephemeral thing

As the warmth of the sun

Draws me skyward, aloft

Leaving behind the confines

Of this earthly realm

I'll shimmer and dance

A wisp, a zephyr soft


A gentle wind, caressing the world

With my touch

Carrying the essence

Of the dew that I once was

Transforming, transcending

Becoming something more

Than a mere drop

Clinging to a blade of grass


In this state, I am free

Unbounded by form or shape

My being dispersed

Yet heightened

Throughout the air

I may not shine as brightly

As the stars above

Can't bear the dark clouds

Lament and despair.


But in my ephemeral

Ever-changing state

I find a beauty, a grace

That is uniquely my own

For I am not bound to earth

Nor beholden to sky

But a conduit, a bridge

Between the realms unknown


I am walking through woods

Whispering breath

The sigh that rustles the leaves

The flutter of wings

I am change and

The nature of transformation

Of the cycle that endlessly

Eternally, brings


Let me rise, let me soar

Let me become

Than my humble origins

Something greater

For in my fleeting

Ethereal existence

I find

The true power of letting go

Of new beginnings

Free Verse

About the Creator


Dawnxisoul393art, an illustrator and designer couple living on a remote island in Hong Kong.

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    Dawnxisoul393artWritten by Dawnxisoul393art

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