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The audacity of hope

Paths to the lost

By real JemaPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
The audacity of hope
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I believe we can give :

Jobs to the jobless,

Homes to the homeless,

Hope to the hopeless,

Light in the darkness.

Strength to the weary,

Voice to the voiceless,

Comfort to the teary,

Guidance to the aimless.

Food to the hungry,

Water to the thirsty,

Warmth to the cold,

And love to the lonely.

Shelter to the wanderers,

Healing to the wounded,

Joy to the sorrowful,

And peace to the troubled.

Equality to the oppressed,

Justice to the wronged,

Freedom to the chained,

And unity to the divided.

Dreams to the dreamless,

Paths to the lost,

Courage to the fearful,

And wisdom to the young.

Let’s lift each other higher,

With compassion as our guide,

For in the act of giving,

Our true selves, we find.

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    real JemaWritten by real Jema

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