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The Absurdity of...


By Willem IndigoPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
The Absurdity of...
Photo by Rafael Hoyos Weht on Unsplash

Accelerating toward a fiery finish, a

Balaclava strong arm over

Cybernetic espionage, Joker laughter past the

Deep end. Diligent to the belligerent,

Ego death only massages the monotony.

Full tilt wobble into a ticket to a


Hailing cabs with trigger pulls.

Indigestion on nitrous oxide

Juxtaposition the holy site's golden light whispering to believers

'Kill for me.'

Limited behind the layers of linguistic

Mutilations; raided, pillaged ambitions can't ignore the line.

Never mind, eat the fine, celebrate with

Obtuse rum, 151 to pollute the proof,

Purveyor of this half-dead paper stack.

Quintessential to stay bored during the stage collapse,

Retrograde against false revival, never in touch with this

Savvy apathy and

Tundra truths while asking, 'is this thing?'

Untitled serenade to lube the swallow the

Vicious cycles to be filed

With wicked debacle spells that'll send

Xanthic liquids down your leg with a desire to be shunned.

Young once to be a bigger dunce, one with more

Zest during the ad breaks.

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About the Creator

Willem Indigo

I spend substantial efforts diving into the unexplainable, the strange, and the bewilderingly blasphamous from a wry me, but it's a cold chaotic universe behind these eyes and at times, far beyond. I am Willem Indigo: where you wanna go?

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    Willem IndigoWritten by Willem Indigo

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