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The Abecedarian Path

Heal step by step

By S. A. CrawfordPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Irina Anastasiu via Pexels

After the storm there is no calm -

broken things litter the byways,

creating mountains out of the wreckage.

Desperate times do not call for action but acceptance.

Each step must be planned.

Forget all you know about recovery and instead be at peace -

Grief is a thing of stone,

hard and unyielding, it cannot be smoothed or cajoled.

Instead it must be courted and chiselled down to a small pebble.

Keep it in your pocket like a charm,

let it weigh you down and ground you to the here and now.

Make it your friend -

never discard it.

Only remember that it must not rule you.

Peace takes time,

quiet is not the same thing.

Read between the lines -

stay the course and the sun will shine again.

That is what people will tell you.

Unfortunately, they do not say that it will shine through a new lens.

Veiled in the loss, it will be dim at first.

What was will no longer be.

Xenial to horror, life is adept at forcing adaptation.

You cannot be blown away or taken under.

Zero in on the future; grief is but a pebble,


About the Creator

S. A. Crawford

Writer, reader, life-long student - being brave and finally taking the plunge by publishing some articles and fiction pieces.

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  • Joe O’Connor28 days ago

    Beautifully written, and with such a strong message on how grief works. Love the pebble metaphor!

  • Rowan Finley about a month ago

    Love this. Wonderful job!

  • Oh wow, this was extremely powerful! Like Jason mentioned below, this had such a smooth flow! Loved your Abecedarian!

  • JBaz2 months ago

    I am amazed at how well this flows….not shocked because you are a brilliant writer. Just hard for a non poet to figure out how you pull this off

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Fantastic Abecedarian ode poem!!! Love it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Suze Kay2 months ago

    Oh, this is just gorgeous. You’ve packed concrete imagery into a concise, pristine concept, and you’ve done it so well!

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