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Thank you 'UNSPLASH'!

by Novlet Allen 2 months ago in inspirational · updated 2 months ago
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For being our lighthouse. So we are taking time to give these generous hardworking artists their share of the glory.

Markus Spiske - Unsplash

Everyday, we swing by your lovely photographic home

With high hopes in procuring a gem from your plethora

Of ocular breathtaking delights to the senses

Which you, our benefactors have tirelessly extended

In the spirit of your generosity, kindness and freedom of choice

Anantasiya Romanova - Unsplash

Given to us, without prejudice, to peruse at our leisure and respite

Free to indulge in an ever present world of colorful splendor

A virtual visual travel around the globe in picturesque wonder

Yet we stop not to offer thanks and sing praises to you

For without these offerings, we know not where our stories

Would find their wings to fly fancifully in the realm of the

Imaginative dreams that each picture conjures in our thoughts

Evie S - Unsplash

For each picture comes with it's own story to tell

And each story is reimagined through your eyes

To the eyes of the the one beholder who finds a new

Story behind a new pair of eyes, seeing a new story retold

Many times over in fresh perspectives of never ending thoughts

Hannah Coleman _ Unsplash

For those times when I can grasp no apt or appropriate words to begin

A new story that is being formed but still eludes my reaching grasp

I go foraging through your picturesque jungle of scenes that opens

The possibilities and allows the words to flow, adding excitement that

Titillates, arouses and tantalizes the creative juices, which then stirs

Provokes and stimulates fascinating ideas that otherwise laid dormant

Only requiring a quickening of the minds eye to kindle and inflame

To new heights of provocative interests and wonderful thrills, so

Allowing the words to flow as if a babbling brook sweetly flows on by

Amir Esrafili _ Unsplash

Thank you UNSPLASH, for your generosity and unselfish gifts to us

We hope that along the way your kindness is being returned and rewarded

In immeasurable ways so richly and well deserved, and that our stories

Somehow help to share the love so others may partake of your unique gifts

Quino Al _ Unsplash

So varied and exceptional in each artist's rendering of their individual talent

You are, without doubt, our lighthouse, always guiding our ships to shore

Thank you!




About the author

Novlet Allen

I am an aspiring writer and poet. I find words delightful. Every poem, or story that I read or write, enriches me. 'Read a thousand books (or stories), travel a thousand miles'.

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  • Daniella Cressman2 months ago


  • C. H. Richard2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing! I really love being able to access Unsplash photos. For several of my stories the pictures have really been remarkable!

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