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a poem about getting lost in the darkest parts of your mind

By Peyton DempseyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

I find myself

Often wandering

To the rocking chair

In the darkest room

Of my abandoned house

Where time cannot be told

And I can trace back the lost

Memories of you

Memories of the forgotten

Where breaths are empty

And only fill the silence

That blankets my skeleton

I rock...and rock

A trusting push of a ghost

Always fulfilled my craving

I devoured the fear

And greedily swallowed

The bullets for dessert

Then coughed up the shells

As they fell from my soul

Onto the broken bones

Beneath my bare feet

Together they felt like

Walking on broken glass

Each shard hugging a cell

It was a forbidden yet

Understandable love

I whisper good night

To the dead that

Hang from the ceiling

And rise and return to

The front doors to the world

As honey drips from my toes

sad poetry

About the Creator

Peyton Dempsey

trying to find the motivation to write poems again


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