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6 o'clock

losing time

By Peyton DempseyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

She is in love with the taste of time

The kind trapped in glass bottles

Like hourglasses

Filled with sand that

Moves like an ocean

She engulfs the small grains

And stops all ticking

And ringing clocks


Instrumental silence spills

It lingers and moves in her being


Glass that holds death

Like a vase filled with

The yellow-tinted waters of

Wilted flowers that were

Smothered with shadows


Shade of yellow to us

But to her



Translucent bottle

That only her

Lost and troubled soul

Can blindly search

Past her teeth and

Through a distorted lens

Like a broken telescope

For an answer to

Her madness


Another answer

No one will ever find

sad poetry

About the Creator

Peyton Dempsey

trying to find the motivation to write poems again


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