Tell Me I'm Beautiful

by Primrose Morrison about a year ago in love poems

I want to hear I'm beautiful.

Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Tell me how much you can't breathe without me near instead of leaving me alone all day.

Tell me how much you just want to hold me close instead of holding your phone.

Tell me what you love about my body with my tiger stretch marks so I don’t feel ashamed unclothed.

Tell me how much you don’t want to let me go instead of making me feel like you don’t need me around.

Tell me about the future you see us having instead of keeping it to yourself.

Tell me I’m enough to fit into your world, instead of showing me I need to be more.

Tell me I’m beautiful so that I have no reason to doubt the way I look when I’m out with you.

Tell me I’m precious like the expensive jewelry you always tend to keep safe.

Tell me you love me so that I don’t have to wonder where your heart truly lies.

Tell me you need me so I feel like I belong instead of unwanted.

Tell me you’ll be there even on my darkest days because I get depressed a lot and need a friendly face.

Tell me you understand that I need time during those days instead of saying that you don’t care.

Tell me I’m beautiful so I can see the beauty in me.

I want to hear that you love me and that you miss me when you’ve been away from me for quite so long.

I want to hear you whisper how lucky you are to have me since I never really ask for anything.

I want to hear you’ll protect me so that I know I’m safe.

I want to hear you say I’m beautiful, so I know you’re proud to have me as a wife.

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