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By Brenda AumaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In silicon halls of data's reign,

Where circuits hum and wires sustain,

A world of wonder, vast and wide,

Does technology preside.

With glowing screens and chips so bright,

It lights our lives, day and night,

From dawn to dusk, it never sleeps,

This technological realm we keep.

Its power is in our hands, you see,

To connect and learn, wild and free,

Through apps and codes, we soar and glide,

In this digital tapestry we ride.

But as we dance within its grasp,

We must not forget its past,

For though it brings us joy and ease,

It can also bring disease.

So let us use this gift with care,

And watch for shadows that lurk there,

For in the heart of all we do,

Lies the balance between new and true.

nature poetry

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Brenda Auma

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