Tears in Their Eyes

by Terri-lyne Gedanitz about a year ago in heartbreak


Tears in Their Eyes

Late nights he paints cloudy skies into early morning with tears in his eyes.

A grey angel appears who hears his cries, bringing him hope of a life with new highs.

They painted his walls on all sides in every shade showing his ties.

Her love wrote words that advise

on blank canvases of all that applies.

Swirls of paint colored his lies, telling her tales of all he denies.

She wrote him words of grey in disguise, showing a story of their demise.

She soothed his fears with love in her thighs, giving him a dream that he could rise.

He paints colours mixed with mournful sighs on canvases he lines with thoughts unwise.

She waited to see all that he implies with the stroke of his brush that they were allies.

She patiently watched as the paint dries waiting to see all that belies.

With great sorrow she chastised his colored words with shades of despise.

Reminded for eternity the look in their eyes, when they both said their last goodbyes.

From late hours under cloudy skies into early morning with tears in their eyes.


Terri-lyne Gedanitz
Terri-lyne Gedanitz
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Terri-lyne Gedanitz

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