Letters Beside My Bed

by Terri-lyne Gedanitz about a year ago in heartbreak


Letters Beside My Bed

A hum, a moan, a sigh is all that was said; the sounds of the letters beside my bed.

A thousand letters pressed together in my head. Yearning the passion felt instead.

The passion drives love deep, to a place where words need not speak. Consuming the soul where the body is weak.

A dream revealed washes the words away; breaking the letters down to a sound a day.

Best memories seeded as a painting in the mind, where a million letters all have combined.

Letters giving birth to a flame within, flowing from our lips like sounds of sin.

Truth be told in the whispering waves of letters, divine; they beg to be explored as a sign.

I keep them with me—the letters beside my bed.

In my dreams; a hum, a moan, a sigh still plays in my head.

These are the sounds of the letters beside my bed.



Terri-lyne Gedanitz
Terri-lyne Gedanitz
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Terri-lyne Gedanitz

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