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Sweetest Girl

Rēgine San'tina Marié

By ITS YOUR DESTINY Published 4 months ago 2 min read

Long ago I met you, you were so tiny, just a smile.
Everywhere I traveled, you brought the tiny smile with you.
Begging to play my games, longing to sing my Song.
So tiny, so frail, so sweet and kind.

Years would pass. and I would not see your tiny face grow up, or your bright smile. Yet as luck would have it, we reunited again.
Your smile still beaming, even thru your pain.

You aren't so tiny anymore, but still you wanted to Go everywhere I went.
Admiring everything I do, leaning on my shoulder for advice.
Still So sweet and so kind. You spoke with just a tiny voice, but beneath you carry such a big heart. Like a long-lost sister, we were together again, taking over the earth. Following our dreams, planning our future, with not a single care in the world.

Yet at some point, I lost my way. I lost my trust in humans.
My mind began to worry. Convinced that at some point, your tiny smile and tiny voice; would stab me in the back, like so many others.

I rather keep my peace; so, I kept you a bay.
I didn't want your tiny voice and tiny smile, to Follow me around anymore.
This connection could be a trap, I feared, this tiny smile will hurt me one day, I thought.

However, I still loved you, like you were the baby sister I never had!
I spoke with the universe, and it calmed my anxiety.
A feeling came over me, it urged me to let down my wall.

To let your sweet spirit back in, so I did!
Reconnected once again, with your tiny face and big heart. This time not for long, because I was right. You would hurt me; you did hurt me! Never in the way I ever imagined, one day your tiny voice stopped speaking.
Your tiny smile shined no more, still so peaceful, and so sweet.

My heart begged for you, to wake up. I prayed deeply for a miracle, that would get up and follow me again. You would Sing my song, ask me for advice, try to tag along! Time stood still and there was nothing; nothing but silence. My heart began beating loudly, upon my ears like drum.

Each dawn I race to look to the sky, listening and waiting for your tiny voice. Your tiny smile, to shine brightly through the Sun. You walk with me now, you give me advice, you send me a song! I tag along, as you soar thru each new dimension, sending love to all, with your tiny voice and big heart.
Ever so sweet, ever so kind, you did well little cousin & I'll love you till the end of time.

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Welcome to my Safe Space, I hope you enjoy the words that flow from my heart and mind.

Thank you for your Love, & Stay Connected on All Other Platforms @ItsYourDestinyTv

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  • Dominique Love3 months ago

    My heart felt this ❤️💜

  • This was very sad and emotional. A very poignant poem!

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