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Sweet Pain

Hurt's sweet embrace

By Cilian MurphyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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Sweet pain, a bittersweet refrain
Echoes through my heart and brain
A heart that hurts, yet loves again
A tender ache, a longing true
A soul that yearns, for me and you

In every tear, a memory stays
A bittersweet reminder of love's sweet ways
The pain we bear, a price we pay
For moments shared, in love's sweet sway
The joy we knew, the love we made
Leaves an ache, a longing unafraid

But even in the hurt, love remains
A sweet reminder, of love's sweet pains
A bittersweet reminder, of what we had
A sweet pain, that makes us feel alive, not sad

So let the pain, wash over me
A reminder of love's sweet ecstasy
For in the hurt, a love remains
A sweet pain, that will always remain.

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Cilian Murphy

I love writing about life generally, Health, wellbeing, fiction, and the cosmos. I think that would be all about me for now. My stories will reflect a lot more about me than I can say here. Huge fan of cillian Murphy.

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    Cilian MurphyWritten by Cilian Murphy

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