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Sunshine in the storm


By ruma parvinPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Looking at her, no one can’t tell what’s going in her head,

Can’t hear the constant battle against her self.

Her inner angel telling her, you are doing great,

Her inner devils telling her, you are not good enough,

That the world doesn’t deserve her,

In her battle, the devil is right,

That the world doesn’t deserve her. Because,

Between the constant fight, she still chooses to be kind,

Be kind to those who hurt her,

Be kind to those who betrayed,

Be kind in this cruel world.

She is an angle,

Put in this world to light up,

Light up everyone’s heart.

Without her, the world wouldn’t survive,

Her beautiful smile that,

light up everyone’s heart,

Her soft voice that calm any racing heart,

She is a magic that everyone want,

She is a phoenix,

In waiting for her moment to shine,

To know her worth, to value herself.

sad poetry

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ruma parvin

just a new writer, exploring new passion for writing

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Nice work

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Hey, Ruma! Loved your awesome work. It was like wow🥰! I subscribed you to get your upcoming poems 🥰. If you wish subscribe me as well.

RPWritten by ruma parvin

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