by Tristan L about a year ago in surreal poetry

The Deep


Into the Dark Abyss I go

As it calls my name so quietly.

In silence, it tells me the darkest truth

And roars out to the brightest confines.

In sound, it weeps for release

As it's overlooked by the mass.

Alone, they wait for me.

Into the Dark Abyss I go

In its dark light, it seems it's not alone.

It sees my loneliness and hate which matches its own.

Never before has it been so low for me to accept its offer

The masses now despise me, for what I have become.

Now they live with the pain I have wrought.

Alone, they wait for me.

Into the Dark Abyss I go

The last time, it shows me

To which now, they understand.

Denial holds dominion, resisting the inner self.

They now see the truth; Darkness is true

And all else is false.

Now alone, they wait for me.

surreal poetry
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