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A Spoken Word Poem From My 'Abstract Aesthetics' Collection, Currently in Progress


Something in the way her hair balters like breeze-blown petals against a deep blue backdrop... the sun is her spotlight as she sways serene and strong. In a crowd she stands out. Not in spectacle, but with eyes beaming beauty beckoning for a kindred soul to join her as she stops to savor the scent in the wind. Her presence causes the surrounding cacophony to settle into an afternoon serenade. Strong enough to be vulnerable, humble, and confident, she does not solicit attention, yet she reciprocates interest in constant growth. Her perceived imperfections are what makes her perfectly unique. This is not the polished vanity worn by so many who would presume to pluck her from her fields of splendor and claim her as their own... rather... this is my perception (and admitted adoration) of her true nature. This... is why I LOVE sunflowers.

- Northstar

Marshall Pampkin, II

May 2, 2018

love poems
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