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by Amanda Lyons 2 years ago in sad poetry
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I cannot find my way, I am not that clever.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

It is not sadness that engulfs me

It is something else, it is. . .


I try to block it out.

It takes too long

I am still young, where is everyone?

I am still here yet I cannot get clear

There is nothing to me

Nothing that fills me with glee

There is no one here for me

There is nothing I can do to get free

I will stay here perhaps forever

Yet this is not where I belong

I cannot find my way, I am not that clever

There will be nothing for me at the end of this tunnel

Nothing I think is too clear

I have lived too long already

But I am still young

I am trapped in this black

In this dark

In this hole

This chasm

This abyss

At the end of the world

sad poetry

About the author

Amanda Lyons

Eclectic stream of consciousness and dark surrealism. What photography does for life I do for thought, emotions, and experiences. The genres can range from romance to horror but my favorite is suspense.

[email protected]

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