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NEVER give IN, KEEP pushing FORWARD !

By Naim RashidPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In life's grand tapestry, struggles take their place,

A part of the journey, a challenging embrace.

They test our resolve and push us to grow,

In the face of adversity, we learn what we know.


Like storms on the horizon, they gather and brew,

But within them lie lessons, opportunities anew.

Through trials and tribulations, we find our strength,

As we travel the path, regardless of its length.


Struggles may feel like mountains, towering high,

But with each step we take, we begin to defy.

The odds stacked against us, we press on and fight,

In the darkest of tunnels, we seek the faintest light.


In the depths of despair, we discover our might,

In the midst of the struggle, we find our own light.

For it's through these challenges, we learn to be strong,

And emerge from the battles, where we truly belong.


In the end, it's the struggles we embrace,

That lead us to a brighter, more resilient place.

For it's through the storms, we truly see,

The beauty and strength of our humanity.

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About the Creator

Naim Rashid

I am A struggling writer trying to Express my inner self with WORDS and RESEARCH !

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