Stolen Kisses

by Cassidy Kirk 9 months ago in heartbreak

A Poem About Love and Heartbreak

Stolen Kisses

I still feel your hands around my throat like a noose

I always thought the term ‘stolen kisses’ was romantic

Until I experienced yours

Your hands spreading over me like an infection

Leaving me in a petrified state

Frozen, watching my own fate

The pain to this day haunts me

I swear sometimes I can still feel you on me, in me

You took away the one thing I had left


Control of my body,

control of my mind

You made my body no longer my own

You made my mind go mad

I was stripped of everything because of you

And still I do not hate you

You may have broke me down

But that was only so that I could be reborn

I am no longer that person you took advantage of

You can no longer hold me down

I sometimes wonder do you remember me?

Do you think of me?

Do you feel any type of remorse?

I want to believe that you’re a good person who made a bad mistake

You’re not a villain

All you are is a memory

Inside my head

Yes, I still am haunted by that night

You still find a way to creep into my mind

But I won’t let you destroy me again

My body, my mind is mine.

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