Stevie Sees

by SKYLERIZED 10 months ago in art

How can a blind man be a visionary?

Stevie Sees

With eyes that clear the mind of its cache

They were silenced in his most youthful times.

They’re beautiful, like a lady’s dress sash.

He puts the power behind all the rhymes.

For decades he has reigned over the charts.

In funerals, weddings, times of passion,

He’s crafted songs that elevate the arts.

In any place he fits the occasion.

What Stevie sees is beyond awareness.

He beat royalty: a King and a Prince.

He never waivers or shows carelessness.

He’s been certified the best ever since.

His mind is the true force with four senses.

Without sight, he views more than thought’s fences.

How does it work?
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