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Stealing My Life

Robbing People of Life

By Dan R FowlerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Stealing My Life
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Stealing My Life

So, what you’d like for me to believe,

Having sworn you’re not trying to deceive,

Is that my life that I’ve abundantly attempted,

That should be abandoned and needs to be emptied.

Upon whose authority does this request you demand?

Is this not just another one of your personal plans?

It’s to take my independence of this there’s no doubt,

Where you and yours retain all of my clout.

But where is my life that I now live for me,

If I give all I have to you and you leave me be?

Isn’t it imprisonment in its most elaborate form,

This story that you’ve woven, creates another storm.

So be off with you you slithering tongue of deception,

There’s no reason for me to continue this connection.

For if I can’t live my life as I see fit,

Then all of your words are merely counterfeit.

In time my body will make the choices for me,

And lay me down alongside those who are free.

But until that time when I choose to let go,

I want my life to be my life it’s to remain so.

So go your way with your plan of entrapment,

And I’ll reclaim what remains my own enactment.

For to let you take all that I have even my time,

Is something I won’t allow as I await time’s chime.

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Dan R Fowler

Dan R. Fowler. 71, writing is more than a hobby, it's a place for me to become anyone I choose to be, visit mystical scenes, or swim deep within my brain. e-book paperback, or audible. type dan r fowler on the search line. Amazon


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