Steady My Heart

by I AM. Master of Arts about a year ago in art

Spoken Life

Steady My Heart

You pass me by, If today I were to die,

I would be that homeless guy, That welfare mother,

Her crazy ass brother, While the stagnant air smothers,

The life out of me, and I gnaw at the chains of oppression just to be,


You laugh at me, if I were to hold my breath would air fight to revive me?

I am lost in the system will you do your best to find me?

Set me on fire or set me to the wind,

and scream for eternity that the pain I have will end,

Will I pray to false Gods? Or will my love like a movie die hard?

I stand at the foot of riches but at the head of poverty,

Trying to be, the king I was told I was supposed to be,

Can I command the wind? Will the sparrows listen to my word?

Will the earth refuse to turn?

Will the fire of the crash refuse to not to burn?

Who will be my light? And does the color make me smart?

Hence the express he is bright.

You pass me by.

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I AM. Master of Arts

I love all forms of art and hope to create a master piece in each one before I die. I'm an alumni of Ashford University, double BA in Psychology & Sociology & MA in  Psychology. The art of thinking is the most appealing thing to me.

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