Spotless Mind

by Shawn MQ 2 years ago in heartbreak

Erase You

Spotless Mind

She made me love her in the worst way,

We were killing each other there slowly everyday,

I kept cheating while she kept playing my game,

In our arguments we had nothing left say,

We both should've just walked away,

But instead we stayed,

Only causing the most agonizing pain,

Driving each other insane,

Putting each other to blame,

Now I'm afraid that my thought of love has forever changed,

That procedure on Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind,

I need to undergo it so I can erase the memories of ever calling you mine,

The first time was a sign,

But we were too blind,

And it's been years but I'm still not tucking fine,

I fucked with you and left so much good behind,

We became exhausted,

too much fighting, even just the thought of it,

Is killing me now, all I can think of is how?


How did I let this go on for years?

We've both cried every year,

And now when I look in the mirror,

I stare disgusted at myself and I can hear in my ear,

A voice telling me "maybe it's best to just disappear"

Sorry is just a word,

It doesn't fix the fact that I destroyed my world,

My life, I can never get anything right,

When it comes to love I'd rather have a drink and I'd rather it spiked,

I'm tired of fighting this fight,

In pretty much everything I've lost sight,

Now I'm going to sleep,

So forever, goodnight.

Shawn MQ
Shawn MQ
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