Split Faces of Love

by Charles Freeman about a year ago in love poems


Split Faces of Love

To sacrifice one's life for love, to break the wintry shackles of time, to finally exist in between two moments, whole and broken, lost and found, in the skies or in the ground, reverberating nothing, or the most mellifluous sound, being the peasant or wearing the opulent crown, to which augury is one bound, bridled or emancipated, distrait or inculcated, silent during the march, or leading the opinionated, delirious and eroded or auspicious and elated, the words of the mendacious and weak are always faded, the parables of the strong and inured are truthfully stated, the time has come, for the verity to rise above the fallacious prevarications that rule our lives, for the adoration of others to surround our views and hearts, for we should've known this from the beginning, if only we all knew how to discern and listen, maybe the morning rays would hit our skins and glisten, maybe we'd all understand what felicity we've been missing, how far we've gone away from our only true mission, one where we converse with precision, where those who do wrong and are not in the leadership position, mocking those who try to stay afloat but are sinking, where we as one society finally stop injecting and drinking, and finally start speaking the veracity while actually thinking, where our personal views and minds stop shrinking, so we may finally hold hands and stop the killing, I know I'm ready and willing, are you?

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Charles Freeman

Spreading the truth about our own realities to one another opens up a new page in our history.  One filled with the mellifluous sounds of laughter,  the warm feelings of love and the power of caring. So I,  will spread my truth. 

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