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Speak of My Colors

by Zirian Tahirli 7 months ago in surreal poetry

Purple, blue & green.

Speak of My Colors
Photo by Daria Volkova on Unsplash

My true colors;

Purple, blue and green.

These colors represent the spirit, earth and sea, to me.

These colors speak of my adventures

How I've travelled afar,

How I've been misunderstood

In choosing to follow my heart.

How I've left home

To brave the unknown

How I've found my true self

By being alone.

No matter the odds or how great the cost,

How absurd the dream or what was lost,

I went my way.

Always with my true self,

always with the Divine,

I've fallen deep into darkness but those colors still shine.

I've struggled to keep my sanity intact

And pushed on with sheer force of will and decision to act.

I've crawled through the swamps,

I've weighed up the facts,

When I really think of my color;

My color is black.

surreal poetry

Zirian Tahirli

After extensive travel, I write creatively to express those experiences of life, exploration and adventure.

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Zirian Tahirli
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