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an existential poem

By Vadim KaganPublished 27 days ago 1 min read

We bake

We make

We cut

We take

We tik

We tock

We click

We blog

We face

We book

We pace

We look

We cut

We taste

We strut

We paste

We pose

We hate

We like

We list


If not

Do we


Stream of Consciousnesssocial commentaryinspirationalhumor

About the Creator

Vadim Kagan

I believe that each day is a blessing, every story is amazing and all poems should rhyme!

Instagram: @wines_and_rhymes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vadimkagan

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  • Andrea Corwin 20 days ago

    Fun poem and it has definitely come to what you hint in the poem!

  • Hehehehe this was fun! And I loved the rhythm it had!

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