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by Birdie 2 days ago in sad poetry

A Poem

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What is it,

This cry within me?

That never rests.

That aches and pulls,

That burning desire,

To Run.

To become one

With earth and sky.

The bounds of humanity

Feel as dark as

A curse on my soul

And I would trade it all

For a pair of wings

And a voice that sings.

I am caged by birthright

To a static future

The bitter taste of reality

Darkens hope.

Oh, that I could rise up

In the morning and find

From this shackled body

Sweet release.


I am going to vent for a second;

Seasonal Depression and the restricting effects of Covid - 19 have completely crushed all of my dreams. Nature is the medication that I need to keep my head above water, but when winter comes it is super hard to go outside as I struggle to keep myself healthy. There is nothing like an ocean or green feild where no signs of humanity are to be found except yourself to heal the soul. It doesn't help that I live in a capitalist society that makes just living cost so high you can barely make it. This poem is a culmantion of all the trapped feelings inside of me. If you feel like this too your not alone. I hope it gives voice and expresion to you.

sad poetry
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