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Sorrow of the Selkie

by Sylla 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Part Two

Photo taken by Sylla of the Long Island Sound in Madison, Connecticut.

By the time she came back

The sun had begun to set

She glanced around to make sure she was alone

As she lifted the rock, horror etched her face

The rón skin was no more

Tears fell from her eyes

While searching the beach frantically

She had no way returning to the sea

After hours of looking

She curled up in the sand

The gentle waves kissing her feet

He ran to the maiden 

Acting like a knight on a steed

With a blanket in hand, he cast it over her shivering body

All she could do was cry

He carried her back to his cottage by the beach

Providing her a cozy dwelling out of the sea

Years had passed, for she became his wife

She bore him sons and daughters

But no smile decorated her beautiful face

And as her husband slept

She would walk along the shores and weep

-By Sylla (2015)

To Be Continued...

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