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Sorrow of the Selkie

by Sylla 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Part One

Photo taken by Sylla of the Long Island Sound in Madison, Connecticut

He cast a glare

At the fair maiden perched on the rocks

As the waves crashed around her

A silvery rón* skin slid off

Revealing the body of a water nymph

Hair, the hue of dancing flames

Cascaded over her bare chest

With flecks of sand speckling her pale canvas

He heard of the tales of the selkies

From the other fishermen he had known

For years he thought it was a myth

But it was fact after all

Her beauty and mystique lured his lust

So he hid behind his little boat

Watching every move she made

As she got up, she placed her rón skin under a rock

Her sea blue eyes scanned the coast to ensure she was alone

Exploring the beach in her natural glory

How he desired her more

As she walked further away

He moved in towards the rock

How in love was he

With this fair water maiden of the seas

She would be his, this mysterious selkie being

He would have her as his wife and the mother of his babies

-By Sylla (2015)

To Be Continued...

*Rón is the Irish word for a seal. Selkies are mythological sea beings that are capable of therianthropy, the ability to change from seal to human form by shedding their skin. Selkie lore is native to mainly rural Scotland and Ireland.

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