Sonnet Nine...

by Kylee Cheyanne 8 months ago in love poems


Sonnet Nine...


I can't exactly tell you what you need to love

But all you need to know is look far above

To see that I'm here for you no matter what the cost

For you have given me that all I have lost.

Healed my wounds to become into scars

Laying my heart out to wherever are stars

For all this feels like a never ending dream

But I know that it could never compare to what reality makes it seem.

You are the reason why my heart beats the way it does now

Giving me the safety I've always wanted that I screamed for out loud

Then your soul found me when I was broken and bruised

Picking me up from when I was shattered and used.

Now here we are, not knowing what's right and wrong

But what I do know, is that this is where I belong.


love poems
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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