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Sonnet 2

A poem about growing up.

By Hannah PerezPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

I am terrified to live,

For so many choices are coming fast.

If there were any way I’d let adulthood rush past,

If for a glimpse of what I actually had to give.

If I don’t make anything of myself will the world forgive?

Or is the die already cast,

That this year should be my last,

That this end to be seen, is one to be thrown without motive?

Oh what would I give to go back to my past.

And just, for a few more moments more,without threat or failure Live

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About the Creator

Hannah Perez

Hannah Perez is currently a college student studying English and Music. She has been writing poetry and short stories since she was in Elementary school, and has never stopped. At her college, she is in a service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.

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    Hannah PerezWritten by Hannah Perez

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