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Sometimes You Need a Hug

Human Touch

By MegPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Sometimes You Need a Hug
Photo by Liz Fitch on Unsplash

There is something about

A hug on depressing days.

That mimics the warmth,

And comfort of the sun’s rays.

From friends or lovers,

A hug is human touch.

That brings us comfort.

When the world feels like too much.

Tender, soothing, raw

Touch gives us power to feel.

Ignored emotions,

We told ourselves would not heal.

A soft reminder

We are made of flesh and bone.

We all can use hugs,

No matter how much we have grown.


Thanks for reading! If you see someone you love, give them a hug today. It might make their day better :)

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I'm here to explore the depth of human experience and to stop procrastinating my passion.

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  • Dylan about a year ago

    This is beautiful!

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