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The Age of Seventeen

A series of haikus

By MegPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Age of Seventeen
Photo by Raphael Nast on Unsplash

You spend childhood

Yearning to be old enough

To pave your own path.

Soon seventeen comes.

Opportunity arrives

And seventeen goes.

Age happens so fast

You barely notice the days,

Weeks, years passing by.

Time passes, as if

You are watching your own life

Fading day by day.

Inaction, regret

What you wanted is gone, with

The age seventeen.


Thanks for reading!:) Here are some other haikus I have written: https://vocal.media/poets/a-rose-fu1kx80cge

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I'm here to explore the depth of human experience and to stop procrastinating my passion.

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